{September 7, 2012}   First day of school

On Tuesday morning my little baby girl who will be just 2 on the 22nd of this month started nursery school! Of course at this time I started to reflect how quickly the time has gone when I was in the hospital having my little 5lbs baby who is a now 27lbs big girl 🙂

From feeding in the middle of the night to giving her a bowl of pasta, to her having no hair to her beautiful curly locks, from her little cries to her saying mama and dada. The beautiful healthy (thank gd) gift of life that we see grow every single day just makes me speechless, I am so lucky!!

We took my very social little girl to school all dressed in pink together with her new school bag, and while she hesitated at first she could not have been more excited!! I was told she was so brave after I left and didn’t even cry – I was probably more upset and missed her more!

We have to enjoy each day as time goes quickly people!!







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