{November 11, 2012}   A few less lbs..

I don’t really remember when I wrote about my weight last, which is honestly why I started this great blog!

It is amazing to me how therapeutic writing is and how it can have such a ripple effect and lead me to write about about so many other facets of my life.

Today, I went clothing shopping for my new job, ill post tomorrow all the things I purchased because I really endulged! Due to my weight loss, small and extra small and size 0 in skirts / dresses are what I chased. It was very emotional for me… I am now weighing 123lbs from 150lbs

I still surprise myself when I look in the mirror.. It takes hard work each and every day but its worth it, the confidence, feeling healthy over all is the best part of it all!!

Xx if anyone is looking to be healthy feel free to ask for advice! Xx


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