Hi, I am originally from London & South Africa, but currently live in NYC. When I first started on my journey I never really thought it would work or where it would take me. In a nutshell, I have learned so much about being a healthy person inside and out. Eating healthy, working out.

I am currently going through a divorce – I am trying to overcome that obstacle right now. There are days, when I don’t know how I will overcome the next, and there are those when I am in ‘attack mode’ and I will use every part of my being to protect my little girl and and make sure she has everything and she remains the happy go lucky gorgeous little girl that she is, and for that, I HAVE TO REMAIN STRONG! My 2 year old is my sunshine, and thank Gd for her! I did not start this blog about a divorce.. this was about my journey to being healthy, however life happens for better or worse.

Join me in my journey as it is YOU that inspires me and keeps me strong!!



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