{November 12, 2012}   No gas? So walk a little!!


While so many gas stations in NYC and NJ are out of gas, I keep thinking…. Walk people walk, or get on your bikes! Alright I know this is not realistic if you have a long commute to work, but go back a few years and what did people do back then? While I don’t want to get into the politics of it all… I just think exercise won’t harm any New Yorker!!! 🙂


{November 12, 2012}   Apple, Samsung & HTC

6 months ago I finally got rid of my beloved blackberry smartphone, rumor in the tech world they were dated. So many of my friends and family had the iPhone, I was more than curious! I went to Best Buy, and gave into the hype! I couldn’t put my phone down, all the apps, I was addicted. I now love my 4s.

Now we are in November, and Samsung and HTC are Apples competition… And from what I understand, way ahead of the game, and once again I am behind! I cannot keep up!

In the near future, I was thinking of getting an iPad, but should I be thinking of Samsung rather? Hmm??

What happened to Apple that they were ahead in the tech world, but Samsung crept ahead like they did??

{November 11, 2012}   A few less lbs..

I don’t really remember when I wrote about my weight last, which is honestly why I started this great blog!

It is amazing to me how therapeutic writing is and how it can have such a ripple effect and lead me to write about about so many other facets of my life.

Today, I went clothing shopping for my new job, ill post tomorrow all the things I purchased because I really endulged! Due to my weight loss, small and extra small and size 0 in skirts / dresses are what I chased. It was very emotional for me… I am now weighing 123lbs from 150lbs

I still surprise myself when I look in the mirror.. It takes hard work each and every day but its worth it, the confidence, feeling healthy over all is the best part of it all!!

Xx if anyone is looking to be healthy feel free to ask for advice! Xx

{November 11, 2012}   First snow in NYC


{November 11, 2012}   Exhausted, but feeling successful !

After ages of battling the interview, I have succeeded! A couple of weeks ago, I stepped into a modern office in the village area of down town manhattan. They were different to most offices I had been into, they reminded me of the Facebook offices I had seen on television – open space and very relaxed. It was a large media company and since I do love writing, this would be a dream come true! I went through three interviews, each person nicer than the next, it was too good to be true! My exact position would be EA to the editor in chief and CEO.

Several days later, after reference checking, I was called and told I had gotten the job!! I was ecstatic ! It had taken a while, but perseverance and faith – you can achieve anything you want to!! Especially during these rough economic times.

So many people lost faith in me, and that was the hardest part of it, I had to keep going for my little girl 🙂 and me !

Good things come to those who wait and work hard…

{November 2, 2012}   Sandy’s Wrath

I grew up with grey skies and many rainy days, people complained. The nerve. How I appreciate the calmness of London now. While I love living in New York, I have lived through Irene and now Sandy as well as a Tornado which ripped through my neighborhood, when I was pregnant with my little princess.

Honestly, nothing has been quiet like Sandy. While I am in the middle of the 5 Boroughs of NY, I was prepared to lose power, I stocked up on water, canned goods, flash lights, candles, you name it.

My power never went, yet all my friends lost their power, their houses flooded and the damage done was disastrous. I felt so useless, I was glued to the Television watching as the storm progressed, I looked outside, keeping away from the windows, but how could I not look outside?The trees swaying like a monster was shaking it like a toy! I thought it was a matter of time before the tree directly outside my flat fell. How it did not is beyond me!?

The noise of the gusts of wind was like a soundtrack of a movie, it just was not real. I still feel like someone was going to wake me from a nightmare.

However, Sandy’s wrath was very real and hit very hard, people lost their loved ones, and their homes and much more. On a more positive note –  People have also come together, they have given donations, they have offered assistance in their own way, whether it is giving out food or water, please do what you can!

et cetera