{May 2, 2012}   My Day Of Sin – Magnolia Bakery

After a very strict (I would say) regimen I went to Manhattan last Friday for a Doctor’s appointment and walked around the city. I decided to to treat myself to a chocolate vanilla cupcake from the one and only Magnolia’s Bakery and it was heavenly! Don’t worry I did not eat the second one, I got it for my husband. I love that I have so much self control and I am able to get so easily back into my healthily way of eating without feeling guilty that I had a delicious cupcake. While I did walk a little more the next day and when I weighed myself on Monday, I was down to 141lbs down another 2lbs. It is all about counting the calories, not obsessively but knowing approximately how many you should eat a day for your healthy weight as well as allowing yourself to have a treat here and there. Lots of fruit and vegetables is a MUST as well as water water water!!! I cannot say this enough.





Sinead says:

These look so pretty! I’ve never been to New York but when my sister went, one of the first places she visited was the Magnolia bakery 🙂 It’s on my to-do list!

They are sooo good! 🙂

auntie k says:

I LOOOVEE magnolia’s bakery! Im so glad they opened one here in LA except they don’t have all the items the NY store has! You’re post is making me crave a cupcake but I don’t want to drive in traffic ! 😦 Dilemmaaaa….

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