{May 2, 2012}   Living With Epilepsy / Seizures

I woke up at about 5am Saturday morning and did not feel myself, I felt rather nauseous. This feeling was familiar but not too recently, not since last December. It was the feeling after a Seizure. Not again, I thought. I can’t deal with this now, not that there is ever a good time, why can’t this just ever go away! It gets me so frustrated sometimes but there is nothing one can do about it. I just have to deal with it. I got Epilepsy when I was an early teenager when in London at just 13 years old. In the very early stages, I was not getting seizures at first, just little ‘shakes’. My parents and brothers thought I was doing it for attention! It was awful… the doctors too.

Weeks after I finally had a ‘Grand Mal’ Seizure, I was almost relieved that I proved them wrong. One Saturday morning, my brother called the ambulance and explained to the paramedics what they had seen. My entire body had been convulsing, shaking, they were terrified. I was unconscious. The doctors said to always leave someone with Epilepsy to have their seizure…always make sure they are safe, turn them on their side but NEVER PUT ANYTHING IN THEIR MOUTH. I recovered quickly and was put on anti seizure medication. The side effect was weight gain, but it kept the seizures at bay.

Unfortunately, here and there I still get some seizures and over the years the medications have changed. The types of seizures have also changed with age and amazingly I was able to still have a baby! She is my miracle baby! She is completely healthy thank Gd!

What was unusual for the seizure I had last Friday night was that it was in the middle of the night and I was not sure I had one, but my husband had confirmed that I did. I still feel a little exhausted from it, and it is Wednesday today. It is very hard for other people to understand what I go through, I don’t really try and explain to anyone else. This is the first time I have actually written about it.

I don’t find many people around me are understanding about it, especially my husband. He does what he needs to do to be helpful. The fact that we are getting divorced does not help…he tells me it is stressful for him and I am sure it is. I guess the fact that he keeps telling me how stressful it is doesn’t make me feel any better!

Do you know anyone who has a seizure disorder?


Stressful for him? oh please. Don’t mean to be harsh but it’s no picnic for you.
I don’t know anyone with a seizure disorder… but it’s good to hear the main points of what to do if it does happen.
I think it’s great you are so open and honest here. And sounds like you are on the road to reaching your health goals. The weight thing is a struggle. I’ve had a medium frame my whole life and mostly learned to love my body but it doesn’t always fit in the clothes I imagine. I’ve just hit 44 and am seeing a new ‘baseline’ that i’m not particularly happy with but I think will have to learn to accept. I don’t really love exercise but try to keep at it.
Best to you… wendy

Thank you, it is so important to be open about Epilepsy…it is something that I will be writing more about even though that is not what the blog is about. People are not aware how common Epilepsy is in the States and throught the world… and people get very afraid to touch the subject. Notice how very few people mentioned anything, other then your kind self, yet they did visit my blog 🙂 according to my stats. I hope to bring more awareness at least… have a lovely weekend and thank you for your kind words!

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