{April 11, 2012}   Sleeping on a bed of tissues

This week did not go quiet as planned as I came down with a terrible head cold and while I had a lovely passover, the days after were  spent ignoring my toddler as I spent the day drugged up on Dayquil, tea with honey and on a bed of tissues. Leaving the television on in the back round as I dosed on and off all day with a throbbing head seemed to be the theme of the week. Finally this morning, I woke  up feeling slightly better and even turned on my computer which I have neglected for the past couple of days.

Being sick, I lost my eating routine, I ate less, I never got all my vegetable and salads in, I never drank much water. On a regular day I drink a couple of bottles a day of 23oz’s – everything stopped these past few days. One would think, that if you stop eating you lose weight, but it doesn’t work like that, the body needs all that healthy nutrition, and especially the water to maintain a healthy way of life. I hydrated through teas and ate some chicken and chicken soup which was about as much as I could, with all said and done, I only lost 1lb. I am just happy I didn’t gain anything with all the holidays! So I am now down to 145lbs, which I am thrilled with and all I can say to everyone is keep eating healthy!


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