{March 30, 2012}   Cheated!! But totally worth it!

A very happy morning to everyone!

I have been  good with eating healthy, drinking a lot water and walking and basically detoxifying my system of all the trash mentally and physically. I feel like it is such a slow process though and I truly wish I had all I needed to really get on with it the way I want it to happen. I really need  a trainer at my dispense, a gym. I wish I could afford so many of the beautiful organic fruits and veggies that really do cost a fortune. Even regular vegetables and fruits can be costly, but nevertheless I still buy the basics to get my nutritious meals. Not just for me, but for my baby too. Although my baby has had an excellent diet from day one!  However, I am realising now that one doesn’t necessarily  need the gym and it can happen slowly without paying the membership fees. I have my gym membership on freeze and I am paying $15 a month (rather than the $79 for New York Sports Club which I can’t afford since I am unemployed). Although I have an interview on Tuesday…so wish me luck for that!

I am still looking for a good tasting recipe for a vegetable shake and fruit shake for me and my baby… let me know if you have one! Meanwhile, I love eating all my veggies through salads and just raw as snacks. Basic and simple and nutritious. I don’t eat any kind of sugar, no soda, no fruit juices of any sort, just water water water and more water. If I want something sweet – I have strawberries! The reason I have to be careful with sugar is excess sugar can bring on seizures as I have epilepsy.

Aside for the food, I decided this morning to cheat and not wait for Monday which was going to be ‘weighing day’. So after my shower I stood bare and waited for those numbers to tell me if all this was worth it. The eating healthy, the walking (although I prefer cardio because I get bored walking I need to build a sweat). But apparently something I was doing was right!

The scale said 146 lbs I had gone from 150 lbs down 4lbs, yay!

I decided to treat myself and reward myself, not with a chocolate bar, but with a pedicure! I deserve it 🙂


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