{March 28, 2012}   Organise and Prioritize – but taking it slow!

Good Morning All!

My head wants to burst with all I have and need to do. So rather than do it all at once I am going to do one task a week so I don’t get overwhelmed. I have made a bullet point list in my blackberry, and hopefully slowly I can organise and prioritize. The most important things first of course and if I can get more things done in a week, than excellent! Does anyone else ever feel that sense of ‘oy vei I have way too much to do’ 🙂

I am currently hiding out in my bedroom listening to Billy Joel, my 19 month baby girl is playing inside with my husband who is watching T.V. in his P.J’S I am sipping on water, after a high protein breakfast! So far so good, I am keeping up with my healthy routine. I am against calling it a diet, rather a healthy way of life! I don’t want to weigh myself until next Monday. I think Mondays will be weighing day.

If I could have an immediate wish list for now it would be as follows:

  • Total health – sometimes I forget how easy it is to slip into bad eating habits and this can cause seizures with me. (Will write more about it).
  • Happiness – moving on with my life, I found out when I was pregnant that my husband was unfaithful (online relationships that lasted years – also will elaborate later).
  • Security – so I can provide for my daughter, schooling, clothing, food etc..

Every day is a journey for me. While to those who know of my situation think it must be ‘weird’. It can be stressful at times, and that is where I would turn to a chocolate bar! Now I am focusing that energy into positivity for my daughter’s sake and my own.

What are your thoughts? How have you moved on from a difficult situation?


geovannygonzalez says:

We all have different stories but the same aim! HAPPINESS!!!
Lots of succes with the healthy way of life. You can make it!

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