{March 27, 2012}   Starting from scratch..My journey to a size 2!!

I’m doing this for real this time round. No excuses. 150lbs. 4’11. Enough is enough. Looking at pictures with my 19 month baby, I had to crop myself out before posting to facebook, because I felt so unhealthy with myself.

My story is a long struggle with weight, I won’t go into that now, just so you can understand, I have epilepsy and this is not about that, but taking the medications have led to weight gain and my constant fight with society’s idea of what is right in my mind as far as being ‘healthy’.

I want to finally shed the pounds once and for all so I can be a healthy mother and I owe it to myself. While sharing my life’s stories with you and hopefully you will share yours too will inspire me on this journey. My goal is my cousins wedding in the summer!

As of Monday I started on a healthy mind healthy food attitude, lots of water and basically detoxing the system with¬†endless greens! The part I am terrible at is the excercise, I have to still work on that, I take my little girl out for walks. What I really need is to do cardio and for that I need a gym. Being unemployed is not helping, so I am currently looking for work with the rest of America! I love to write which is why I started this blog to share my journey and to inspire the rest of the mummies, grandma’s or whoever that we can get off the sofa and get healthy!

Meanwhile, stay in touch, write, comment, e-mail, let me know your stories lets journey together!!


geovannygonzalez says:

Keep it up, don’t give up!

Thank you, People like you are my inspiration!

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