A very happy morning to everyone!

I have been  good with eating healthy, drinking a lot water and walking and basically detoxifying my system of all the trash mentally and physically. I feel like it is such a slow process though and I truly wish I had all I needed to really get on with it the way I want it to happen. I really need  a trainer at my dispense, a gym. I wish I could afford so many of the beautiful organic fruits and veggies that really do cost a fortune. Even regular vegetables and fruits can be costly, but nevertheless I still buy the basics to get my nutritious meals. Not just for me, but for my baby too. Although my baby has had an excellent diet from day one!  However, I am realising now that one doesn’t necessarily  need the gym and it can happen slowly without paying the membership fees. I have my gym membership on freeze and I am paying $15 a month (rather than the $79 for New York Sports Club which I can’t afford since I am unemployed). Although I have an interview on Tuesday…so wish me luck for that!

I am still looking for a good tasting recipe for a vegetable shake and fruit shake for me and my baby… let me know if you have one! Meanwhile, I love eating all my veggies through salads and just raw as snacks. Basic and simple and nutritious. I don’t eat any kind of sugar, no soda, no fruit juices of any sort, just water water water and more water. If I want something sweet – I have strawberries! The reason I have to be careful with sugar is excess sugar can bring on seizures as I have epilepsy.

Aside for the food, I decided this morning to cheat and not wait for Monday which was going to be ‘weighing day’. So after my shower I stood bare and waited for those numbers to tell me if all this was worth it. The eating healthy, the walking (although I prefer cardio because I get bored walking I need to build a sweat). But apparently something I was doing was right!

The scale said 146 lbs I had gone from 150 lbs down 4lbs, yay!

I decided to treat myself and reward myself, not with a chocolate bar, but with a pedicure! I deserve it 🙂


Good Morning All!

My head wants to burst with all I have and need to do. So rather than do it all at once I am going to do one task a week so I don’t get overwhelmed. I have made a bullet point list in my blackberry, and hopefully slowly I can organise and prioritize. The most important things first of course and if I can get more things done in a week, than excellent! Does anyone else ever feel that sense of ‘oy vei I have way too much to do’ 🙂

I am currently hiding out in my bedroom listening to Billy Joel, my 19 month baby girl is playing inside with my husband who is watching T.V. in his P.J’S I am sipping on water, after a high protein breakfast! So far so good, I am keeping up with my healthy routine. I am against calling it a diet, rather a healthy way of life! I don’t want to weigh myself until next Monday. I think Mondays will be weighing day.

If I could have an immediate wish list for now it would be as follows:

  • Total health – sometimes I forget how easy it is to slip into bad eating habits and this can cause seizures with me. (Will write more about it).
  • Happiness – moving on with my life, I found out when I was pregnant that my husband was unfaithful (online relationships that lasted years – also will elaborate later).
  • Security – so I can provide for my daughter, schooling, clothing, food etc..

Every day is a journey for me. While to those who know of my situation think it must be ‘weird’. It can be stressful at times, and that is where I would turn to a chocolate bar! Now I am focusing that energy into positivity for my daughter’s sake and my own.

What are your thoughts? How have you moved on from a difficult situation?

I’m doing this for real this time round. No excuses. 150lbs. 4’11. Enough is enough. Looking at pictures with my 19 month baby, I had to crop myself out before posting to facebook, because I felt so unhealthy with myself.

My story is a long struggle with weight, I won’t go into that now, just so you can understand, I have epilepsy and this is not about that, but taking the medications have led to weight gain and my constant fight with society’s idea of what is right in my mind as far as being ‘healthy’.

I want to finally shed the pounds once and for all so I can be a healthy mother and I owe it to myself. While sharing my life’s stories with you and hopefully you will share yours too will inspire me on this journey. My goal is my cousins wedding in the summer!

As of Monday I started on a healthy mind healthy food attitude, lots of water and basically detoxing the system with endless greens! The part I am terrible at is the excercise, I have to still work on that, I take my little girl out for walks. What I really need is to do cardio and for that I need a gym. Being unemployed is not helping, so I am currently looking for work with the rest of America! I love to write which is why I started this blog to share my journey and to inspire the rest of the mummies, grandma’s or whoever that we can get off the sofa and get healthy!

Meanwhile, stay in touch, write, comment, e-mail, let me know your stories lets journey together!!

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